The Medical Practice

Praxis Liegeraum Proktologe und Chirurg München
Operationssaal der Praxis Proktologe und Chirurg Dr. Wittig in München
Elektrischer Untersuchungsstuhl der Praxis Dr. Wittig Proktologe und Chirurg in München

We are happy to welcome you in our expert surgery at Max-Weber-Platz in the center of Munich.

The doctors surgery provides the highest professional standards of dedicated care within a friendly and reassuring enviroment.

All treatments are individually tailored to suit your needs, to minimise your anxiety and ensure fast and complete healing.

Please make an appointment +49 89 62 28 61 70 or online.

For your first appointement we will need a filled out patient-information sheet. You can easily print and fill out the patient registration form at home or in the clinic.

Our office has highest developed equipment, such as endoluminal ultrasound with 3D reconstruction, which allows to find and examine rectal and pelvic floor tumors, complicated fistulas and the sphincter muscle.

In our clinic we have an electronical shower toilet where you can freshen up before and after rectal examinations.

Outpatient surgery with anesthesia are performed on-site in our clinic.

Quality Management

Quality is very important to us! Our clinic is certified by the approved certification system DIN EN ISO 9001.

What this means for you:
We work and act according to all applicable legal and regulatory requirements of clinic and hospital hygiene and safety.

Instruments and electronical engines are passing regular checks, to maintain safety and hygiene.

All personal in my clinic is well and ongoing trained by external professionals.

I am participating regular based seminars to be perfectly informed about the newest methods, devices and engines in order to give you the best care possible.

Your health is important to us!

For OpenMed, a project based in Munich, we treat patients without insurance for free.