haemorrhoiden nackter po - Proktologe Dr. Florian Wittig München

Haemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal blood clots, anal tags, fistulas, incontinence, tumors, anal warts, ekcema

Diseases of the rectum, the anal orifice and the perianal region are often uncomfortable, painful and embarrasing.

Therefore it is crucial for the patient to receive quick, sensitive and effective help.

Dr. Florian Wittig and specialist Florian Bayer are familiar with most up-to-date methods, like haemorrhoidal arterial ligation with mucopexy (recto-anal-repair).

This is an semi-invasive and atraumatic treatment of high grade haemorrhoids.
By using an ultrasound guided endoscope, the haemorrhoidal arteries can be ligated and thus the blood inflow into the enlarged haemorrhoids diminished.

Thus the haemorrhoids shrink. By special sutures (mucopexy) the haemorrhoids are „lifted“ back into the rectum. This method leaves no wounds and no scars. It can be performed as an outpatient in the doctor´s surgery.