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In medicine, and especially in our field, there is always something new, interesting and worth knowing to report. Here we keep you up to date about our practice and our activities. And sometimes we have a useful health tip for you!

Was ist ein Proktologe
20. January 2023

In a nutshell: What does a proctologist actually do?

Proctologists are highly specialized physicians who diagnose and treat diseases of the lower digestive tract. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the lower digestive tract, which includes the colon, rectum and anus. Si
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Unsere Neue: Jessica Schneefeld
5. September 2022

Our newcomer: Jessica Schneefeld

We have a new employee since August 16, Ms. Jessica Schneefeld. She is a resident and is completing her surgical training with us. Ms. Schneefeld is a young doctor who has been completing her surgical training with us since August of th
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Ambulante Operation
8. August 2022

Operations – outpatient or inpatient?

When an operation is necessary, patients are often faced with the question of whether to have it performed as an inpatient, i.e. with an overnight stay in the hospital, or as an outpatient. Complex operations, such as colon cancer surge
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Robert Liston
29. July 2022

Entertaining and painful from the history of surgery

Since the ejection of Adam and Eve from paradise, the history of mankind has been repeatedly overshadowed by mischief. The world of medicine is no exception, and some of its representatives have caused the most bizarre medical disasters an
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Verstopfung und Lockdown – Der langsame Darm
7. October 2021

Constipation and Lockdown – The Slow Bowel

There are many foreign words for bowel disorders: constipation, constipation, coprostasis. No matter what you call it; disorders of bowel emptying are annoying, worrying, sometimes even painful. But first, to get to grips with all the te
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