Medical errors, rather not with us!

Ärztliche Kunstfehler - nicht bei uns

In 2022, the medical service of the health insurance companies identified 2,700 medical malpractices that resulted in permanent damage to patients. Of these 2,700 malpractices, 2/3 occurred in the context of inpatient treatment. If one takes into account that 550 million treatments take place in doctors’ offices per year and (only) 17 million in hospitals, the risk in hospitals is 65 times higher.

This is easy to understand: Hospitals treat more complicated cases involving multiple physicians, many of whom are still in training. The well-known staff shortage with work overload in hospitals is certainly also a factor.

In our outpatient surgery center, you will be treated by the doctor you know and who knows you. The entire practice team (medical assistant, anesthesiologist and anesthesia nurse) has been working together for a long time and is attuned to each other. They know and appreciate each other. We think that our patients also see and feel this.

If a mistake does occur, it can be rectified quickly and effectively thanks to our quality management and short, clear communication channels.

In this familiar, feel-good atmosphere, working with patients is fun and leads to good results.

Photo: sasint