Florian Wittig, M.D., and Florian Bayer, M.D., are specialists in general surgery

General surgery includes, abdominal surgery as well as skin surgery and rectal diseases such as abscesses, coccygeal fistulas, fistulas as well as anal vein thrombosis.

Minor surgical procedures that we often perform in our practice include removal of skin tumors or warts. But also the treatments of abscesses or ingrown toenails or fingernails.

The so-called “minor surgery” should not be underestimated, it also requires experience and skill. Especially if you affect visible areas of the body.

These surgical procedures can be performed quickly and easily in our practice, usually under local anesthesia, but also with anesthesia if desired. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about surgery or procedures. You will find our telephone number under Contact as well as the times when you can reach us.


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